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Mali Tracteurs SA, a company specializing in the assembly of tractors of the MAHINDRA brand, is the main supplier of mechanized equipment in the rural world. Thanks to our combined experience of MAHINDRA and quality human resources, we offer a wide range of innovative solutions designed to meet the requirements of our customers. Our main offers Tractors:

39 HP,

50 HP,

60 HP,

70 HP,

and 80 HP

Accessories-Tools of different categories:



farmer, trailer,

seed drill / fertilizer spreader,

Combine harvester.

Every day, our teams unite their skills and experience to meet your needs in efficient agricultural equipment at the best Quality / Price.

For RENTE agriculture in Mali, by equipping each farmer with efficient tools. A spirit of public service, Citizen Marketing for sustainable development, a dynamic team formed in India, for your satisfaction in monitoring and maintenance. Our daily task is to offer you the best service based on our expertise acquired over more than 10 years in the field of agricultural equipment.