Samanko , route de Samaya
+223 20 72 55 55 
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The Samanko Tractor Assembly Company SA is fully dedicated to meeting the constant demands of farmers across Mali. MALI TRACTEURS's mission is to: Pilot agricultural mechanization in Mali; Provide agricultural equipment at the best quality / price ratio. It is the largest tractor assembly site in Mali. This factory of Excellence now consists of a site with a total area of ​​over 02 hectares and is located about ten km south of Bamako on the road to Kangaba.

The plant has benefited from significant investments in manufacturing technology, tooling and design. The increase in the number of employees and the strengthening of their experience has made it possible to achieve a production of 08 to 12 Tractors per day per shift. In order to satisfy this perpetual search for quality, considerable investments have been made to improve the facilities, automate the paint shops, the roller test benches for control and thus allow the satisfaction of our customers.